Operation Neptune

Action through time.

deporte y guerra.png

Strategies. Past, present, future and possibilities of different actions.

This project analyzes how we perceive the movements.
My goal was to find a graphical solution to show in two dimensions, something that involves many more.

Drawings inspired by a rugby game.
The drawings which are used to explain sports are able to show an action through time, enabling you to find the past, the present, the future and be able to imagine possibilities of different movements at a glance.

The video shows a rugby game filmed with a drone, on the video there are images of the battle plan that was used for the D-Day in Normandia.

The second screen is a mixture of scenes of war and rugby.


On the other hand we have drawings for the battle plans used by military strategists. They are quite similar to sports drawings, and I was inspired by the symbology of them.



Description of a rugby match in three parts
For the exhibition, I am showing my own interpretation through drawings and video.