Boudhanath, 2017

Kathmandu, Nepal




In this project, I showcase the combination of art pieces which are the result of making different interpretations of the exact same video.

The video shows people walking around a religious temple, as a part of a ritual. As in most religious practices, followers are all looking for the state of “Timelessness”. Movement is the main method used in this specific ritual.

The first analysis I did, was to measure the footfall of the pilgrims. Furthermore, I exhaustively identified each person walking around the temple, as well as their walking behaviour, including how long it took them to complete a round of the temple.


On the previous image, you can see a collation of frames taken every time a person walks into the camera’s scope. The image shows a still of the temporal process.

There is a conversion from the religious spirituality into something mathematical.

This next exercise is talking about manipulation, or creation of different logics and “truths” using contexts from the same “experience”.

It depends of what we want to comunicate, what part of the story we want to show and what part we decided to hide.

Those two pieces are composed with the same frames, but as you can see one of them is showing an empty space, and the other one is showing a space full of people.

Movement, noise and rythm confronts stillness, silence and calm.