Sara Mayoral Jiménez (1993, Madrid, Spain)

Tel: (0034)696352588 


Instagram: @saramaii

 Atelier, Akademiestr. 2-4 Munich, Germany

“What we feel versus what we think.”_ this, this could be the reason why I am an artist. I could define myself as a conceptual artist, but I am not really convince about what does it means really. What I can say is that I work mainly with video, text and painting. I was born on 17/05/1993 in Madrid, Spain. I currently live in Munich.I have a great interest in philosophy and in many of my projects you can appreciate the influence of some theories that I am studying. The creation process and the ideas that make up the final form of an art piece are usually the main theme of my projects, and recently I have opened a new path in which I experiment and examine our relationship to intimacy, human vulnerability and identity.

Beware that the deer jumpS 🦌

P R E S S   A N D   P U B L I C A T I O N S Arbeiten mit Körperkontakt Süddeutsche Zeitung München | 8. November 2020, 18:54 Uhr “Zusammen unbegrenzt” Süddeutsche Zeitung München | 28. November 2019, 18:46 Uhr Kunst “15 Varianten der Suche nach sich selbst” | Mittwoch, 18. September 2019

E X H I B I T I O N S  (selection)

Solo Exhibition

“El tiempo que fue, el tiempo que era”. Solo exhibition. 28 Oct-28 Nov. Casa del Cable, Xàbia, Spain

Group Exhibitions

2020 Jahresausstellung 2020 |  PANDEMIC EDITION. ADBK. Munich, Germany. Klasse Johanna Reich

2019 Akvo Inauguration. Group Performance, Galerie Foe, Munich, Germany.

“Generation 19”
Klasse Jorinde Voigt and Pola Sieverding. ADBK. Munich, Germany

“L’artiste devant sa toile”, group exhibition
Marburger Kunstverein. Marburg, Germany

“ Alpha Centauri and the Ocarinas”.
Performance, Lange Nacht in Minna Thiel.
Munich, Germany

“Intertidal” Klasse Jorinde Voigt, Eva Grubinger and Pola Sieverding. Jahresaustellung ADBK, group exhibition.
Munich, Germany

“Dolna”, group exhibition, DUCHOWSKI Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Warszawie, Warsaw, Poland

“Odisea”, group exhibition, “Artistic fabric”, Barbara Łuczkowiak, Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Warszawie.
Warsaw, Poland

“36/4” Performance at Teatr Akademia, group exhibition, Warsaw, Poland

“Con Cabeza”, group exhibition, Espacio E10, Facultad de
Bellas Artes, UCM. Madrid, Spain

M E N T I O N S & A W A R D S

“Award for III Edition Artistic Production” Nominated, organized by Fundación Banco Santander in collaboration with Open Studio. Madrid, Spain.

Nomination for the Biennal Centrum Sztuki Galería EL, Elblag, Poland.