Coolaboration with Tamy Plank | Generation 19
Beware that the deer jumpS ” by Tamy Plank

“Asleep” Jahresausstellung 2020 |  PANDEMIC EDITION Projection at the ADBK Munich

I could define myself as a conceptual artist, but I am not really convince about what does it means really. What I can say is that I work mainly with video, text and painting. I was born on 17/05/1993 in Madrid, Spain. I currently live in Munich.I have a great interest in philosophy and in many of my projects you can appreciate the influence of some theories that I am studying. The creation process and the ideas that make up the final form of an art piece are usually the main theme of my projects, and recently I have opened a new path in which I experiment and examine our relationship to intimacy, human vulnerability and identity.